MBTA app made by Bostonians, for Bostonians

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  • Station Arrivals

    Get accurate arrival times for each destination of the station

  • Vechical Location

    See the current location of a given train on each line, filtered by their destination

  • Map Based

    Easy to see all train lines, and stations relative to your location by using a map

  • Below Ground Green Line Trains

    One of the few Android app that display and provides information on below ground Green Line trains

  • MBTA Reliabilty

    The only Andriod app that display information on the MBTA reliability statistics

  • Design

    An MBTA app the fits into the Android design as well as the MBTA design

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Our Benefits

Displays Infomation Clearly
Displays large amount of transit information to the user without cluttering the screen.
Designed by retrieving information with the least number of clicks. Able to access information in multiple ways.
Uses real time data from the MBTA Servers to provide you the most accurate and recent transit data.







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Team 1

Greg Frasco

Computer Science 16'
Team 2

Joseph Cruz

Computer Science 16'

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Get it in the Google Play Store